Blended Scotch

1.75 L


Product Description

An acclaimed masterpiece of blending craftmanship, the rich and smooth Johnnie Walker Black Label is an award-winning blend. With a depth and complexity drawn from over 40 select whiskies, including the fresh fruitiness of Glendullan, the opulent Mortlach, the earthy Talisker and the creamy, vanillan Cameron Brig, Black is at once powerful, intriguing and unassailably elegant. Small wonder it was Sir Winston Churchill's whisky of choice. Jim Murray, author of "Whisky Bible" says: "Each day I have some 6,000 whiskies to choose from for a social dram if I want one. And at least once a week I will sample a Black Label. While the single malt revolution continues unabated, it is a shame that whisky lovers do not use this as a yardstick. They will find that very few malts can match this for complexity. This is the savoy, the Everst of Deluxe Whiskies: there is not a blender who would not give their right arm - or even thier left one - for the recipe of this supreme whisky. The trouble is, even if they had it, they would then stuggle to find the stock. It represents probably the best value for money of any whisky in the world."


Varietal: Blended Scotch

Region: Scotland