750 ML


Product Description

For drinkers who prefer the classic juniper and citrus flavors of a London Dry-style gin, Grimm Farm Ultra-Premium Gin will become the new gold standard. Made with locally sourced rye and corn, it is pot distilled with our special blend of 14 botanicals including cardamom, orris and licorice roots, rose hip, and grains of paradise. Proudly filtered with southwestern Minnesota limestone-filtered water, Grimm Farm has a balanced dryness derived from botanicals unique to Minnesota including wild rice and everlasting clover developed in Carver County. (92 proof) In 1859, immigrant German farmers Wendelin and Julianna Grimm purchased a plot of land in Northern Carver County. Among the possessions they brought from their native country was a small, wooden box containing the seeds of ewiger klee - German for everlasting clover - which they planted on the farm. For the next fifteen years Wendelin Grimm religiously collected and planted seeds from the plants that survived the harsh Minnesota winters. This selection practice - called seed saving - resulted in the first winter-hardy alfalfa in North America. Grimm's alfalfa not only helped make Carver County a premier dairy belt, but it has become the basis of the alfalfa used on more the 25 million acres in the United States. Grimm Farm is now a historic site in Three Rivers Park District in Victoria, Minnesota, just a few miles east of the distillery.


Varietal: Gin

Region: Minnesota