750 ML


Product Description

Our premium gin is made with precision using locally-sourced grains, juniper berries, coriander and select botanicals in the gin basket. When the heated vapors rise, the botanicals release their distinctive flavors creating perfect harmony. (80 proof) Whether served over ice, tickled with tonic, or part of a beloved cocktail, J. Carver Premium Gin is a dynamic and easy-drinking gin. The small-batch distillation process is lovingly handled with care, resulting in palatable flavors of traditional juniper berries and citrus notes from the coriander. Balanced with a harmonious bouquet of seven hand-selected, sensual botanicals for a rounded finish, it is a recipe we are proud to call our own. Gin not your thing? For the flavor-adverse, forget what you think you know. In the right hands, a gin cocktail is a playground that can persuade even the most devoted vodka enthusiast. This botanical lady can't wait to entertain your palette and change your life.


Varietal: Gin

Region: Minnesota