750 ML


Product Description

Appearance: Medium Amber Aroma: Soft, sweet oak character with rich notes of baking spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice balanced with floral and citrus notes from hand selected botanicals. Taste: An alluring palate with strong vanilla and caramel flavors, hints of orange, lemon and cardamom, balanced with intense baking spices and licorice. Finish: Long, warm and smooth lingering finish with hints of black pepper and soft tannins. The Polar Vortex has met its match with the first J. Carver Barrel Gin distilled in Minnesota. A whiskey lovers gin, this unique, rarely produced spirit is perfect for drinking straight or in craft cocktails year-round. Distilled from local grains, wild rice, and a medley of hand-selected botanicals including locally-grown everlasting clover, star anise, cinnamon, sweet orange peel and cardamom, the gin then rests in white oak barrels made in Minnesota until a balance is achieved between the flavors from the botanicals and influences from the charred oak barrels. (96 proof) Barrel gin is different than conventional aged spirits due to the limited time spent maturing in the barrel. The process starts with batches of gin resting' in Minnesota-made virgin bourbon barrels for just weeks to months, depending upon the maturity of flavors, with constant monitoring for progress and adjusting of botanicals. When each barrel is at its prime, the barrel gin is pulled out and blended with already completed barreled gin, resulting in a lightly tannic gin with an amber glow and the aromatics of a whiskey. The complex spirit redefines gin with soft, sweet oak character and rich notes of baking spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, balanced with floral and citrus notes. This whiskey lover's gin is perfect for reinventing classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Bees Knees, Negroni, and Sazerac. Its also mellow and nuanced enough for sipping straight. J. Carver Barrel Gin will be a permanent product in the J. Carver Distillery portfolio.


Varietal: Gin

Region: Minnesota