Inniskillin 'Vidal' Icewine

Sweet White Dessert Wine

375 ML


Product Description

This aromatic and hardy French hybrid is ideal for making Icewine. Not only is it a long and steady ripener, it has rich, full aromas and flavours balanced by a firm acidity. Inniskillin produces Vidal Icewine in three distinct styles. Our Vidal Icewine (non-oaked) boasts of luscious tropical fruit flavours, ranging from mango to lychee to apricot. When Oak Aged Vidal , these flavours are enhanced by creamy vanilla and caramel notes. Our Sparkling Icewine has delicious aromas of apricot, pear, nectarine, citrus and ginger, smoothly polished in a dazzling and delicately effervescent finish. Lively!


Varietal: Sweet White Dessert Wine

Region: Canada