750 ML


Product Description

HESS SELECT WINES Crafted by our winemakers best known for their artistry with mountain vineyards in Napa, Hess Select wines are everyday favorites with vibrant, balanced flavor and true varietal character. Our first Hess Select Malbec comes from the Hess family estate vineyards in Salta, one of Argentinas finest growing regions. Sustainably farmed, produced and bottled in our Napa Green certified winery. HESS SELECT MALBEC 2011 In Saltas high desert, the Hess family vineyards begin a mile above sea level far above the CalchaquĆ­ Valley floor. Extreme growing conditions stress our sustainably farmed vines, delivering fruit of intense flavor concentration. WINEMAKERS TASTING NOTES This fruit-forward Malbec is a garnet red with a violet hue, and has pleasant aromas of raspberry, cherry and pomegranate. Supple and smooth, dominant flavors of cherries, Red Delicious apples and crabapple are accented with cassis, nutmeg and allspice. A long lingering finish highlights a light touch of oak. 2011 HARVEST IN ARGENTINA Harvest ended May 10, following a growing season of extremes. The seasons are reversed in Argentina, so winter in California is actually summer there. November, December and January were warm and dry, with no spring frosts, and more impor- tantly, no damaging hail. As we began to worry about a possible drought, the heavens opened in February and rain continued to fall nearly every day. As a result, the Malbec harvest began about two weeks later than normal, but perfect weather in March and April brought memorable fruit with wonderful acidity, round tannins and robust fruit profiles. FOOD PAIRING Malbec is very versatile, pairing wonderfully with hearty dishes such as lentil soup, brisket, cassoulet as well as lamb, duck, and pastas with rich red sauces. Mild to moderate sharp cheeses, such as a Stilton Cheddar, are quite memorable. BLEND: 85% Malbec, 5% Tannat, 5% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon AGING: Half of the wine was aged with oak, with the remainder blended to enhance the crisp acid backbone. TOTAL ACID: 0.63 gms/100ml PH: 3.63


Varietal: Malbec

Region: Salta