Heinz Eifel Riesling Kabinett


750 ML


Product Description

This wine is a good reminder of how wonderfully simple life can be. Eifels easy-to-read label tells you everything you need to know in four easy steps. 1. The producers name. 2. The name of the grape (Riesling). 3. The word Kabinett, the German term indicating that the wine will be somewhat light in style, and will be on the sweet side rather than ultra crisp. 4. The region (Mosel). Like most Kabinett Rieslings from the Mosel, this one is low in alcohol (8.5%), and like all good Kabinetts it has a lovely, pervasive perfume. The wines pure, simple fl avors are soothing and undemanding.


Varietal: Riesling

Region: Pfalz

Region Description:

Pfalz is the second largest wine region in Germany after Rheinhassen. Pfalz vineyards are grown on mixture of sandstone. Production of wine is split 60 percent white versus 40 percent red wine. The climate in Pfalz is much like that in Alsace and is by far the sunniest, driest German wine region.