750 ML


Product Description

The goal was simple: make a proprietary, top-quality whiskey inspired by family recipes, that every workingman can afford and be proud to drink. The Hatfield and McCoy families hunted high and low for a partner who could take their 150 years of moonshine and whiskey tradition and do what their ancestors never couldmake it legal. So they befriended Local Choice, an award-winning distiller out of Charleston, South Carolina, to partner with them to make a whiskey worthy of their legendary names. NOSE Hints of Green Grass Light Vanilla Wet Stone Complex Balanced TASTE Medium Body Light Black Pepper Smoke Layers of Dried Apricot Custard and Black Walnut FINISH Balanced Clean Hints of Vanilla Caramel Butter Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey brings one of the most legendary stories in American folklore to life with its bold yet balanced flavor. It's an amazing experience whether you sip it straight, touch it with a little water and ice, or mix it in your favorite classic or craft cocktail.


Varietal: Whiskey

Region: Virginia