Wheat Ale


Old Ale

11.2 oz

1 bottle


Product Description

We think Ola Dubh will be an ale that should be welcomed at the gourmet's table. It is too rich and complex for relaxed (yet responsible) afternoon or early evening consumption. Try Ola Dubh with classic British savouries such as Sctoched woodcock, Gentlemen's Relish on toast, devilled kidneys (maybe from Orkney lamb?) or mackerel pate on toast. A recent combination we've enjoyed has been Ola Dubh with rich fruit cake. For a real treat, may we suggest Ola Dubh with a really good Cheshire cheese and some oatcakes. We got so enthused matching Ola Dubh and cheese that we asked for help from one of Scotland's leading cheese experts, Paul Thomas from I J Mellis in Edinburgh. According to Paul; 'the cheeses that seemed to work best exhibit slightly sweet flavours - in this case a Gruyere and a Stilton. Ccomte, of the best-known of the French Gruyere-style cheeses, transforms the beer on the palate and accentuates the whisky notes on the finish. It is a combination to quietly contemplate on a cold winter's evening. Stilton- in this case a reasonably mild but creamy Colston Basset Stilton- has enough of a fruity-sweetness to show an interesting interplay of flavours.'


Varietal: Old Ale

Region: Scotland