Wheat Ale


Abbey Tripel

750 ML

1 bottle


Product Description

Origin: This blonde beer was brewed in honor of the knights of the Golden Fleece, connected by rigour, nobility and beauty on the occasion of their chapter held in Mechelen in 1491. Notwithstanding the technical progress this beer is brewed according to the centuries-old tradition and bring together, as before, the best products of our soil: rich barley and hops fine, which carried a part, as far as possible in order to preserve aroma. Full of graceful tenderness, with a pure and clean taste, this blonde beer brewed exclusively with pale malt. The best malt gives this beer along with the herbs (which are added during the cooking) very special character as well as the full flavour which is thirst-quenching working through a balanced hopping. In order to perfect trials donates one mildly in a trek to a temperature around 7-8 ° C. With pride is given with respect drunk. This pleasant golden blond beer is chosen who likes a heavier, somewhat spicy and refreshing beer. In 2002 she won at World Beer Cup Championship, USA, the Gold Award in the category for the Triple Triple Karmeliet.


Varietal: Abbey Tripel

Region: Belgium