Wheat Ale


Belgian Strong Ale

750 ML

1 bottle


Product Description

Origin: In an old chronicle of Mechelen we read that this Keizersbier Malinois, named after the golden coins of Emperor Charles, especially in the fox hunting was drunk "since both horses and riders in full fire and brought galopperen they did so always in the hunt best vote went ". This "Keizersbier" is still brewed by our brewery. Gouden Carolus is brewed with dark malts very balanced dosed according to the classical infusied methode. The composition of aromatic and caramel malts and in the traditional high fermentation we obtain a special beer that the warmth of wine and freshness of beer together. Because of its high density of 19 ° Plato Gouden Carolus is classified under the special beers. This makes it extremely suitable for certain purposes such as culinary stoverijen, game and even sabayon. Unlimited shelf life will you toelachen with a color and scent. But do not be hasty, because a gourmet drink with fine, tasty teugen to a sublime and deepest joy. Gouden Carolus Classic is goud waard. Gouden Carolus Classic is worth gold.


Varietal: Belgian Strong Ale

Region: Belgium