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Chateau de Saint Cosme 'Valbelle' Gigondas

Rhone Blend - Red

750 ML


Product Description

90% Grenache- 10% Syra. Full clusters Co-fermentation of five different 80 old vineyards. Limestony sands Marl from Miocène Limestony clay Aged for twelve months: 30% in new oak 40% in one year old barrels - 30% in two years old barrels. In the past years, I often talked about co-fermentation and the syndrom of the magic ratatouille: cook the elements together is not like blending them afterwards. The richness comes from the exchange: mother nature can prove that one thousand times. Valbelle 2010 is just like the great Valbelle 1995, 1996, 2005, 2007. It was wonderful to vinify Valbelle this year because all the characteristic aromas of Valbelle could be found by smelling the vat fermenting, from the stage they develop to the time they marry to get the homogeneity.. Often the old wine reminds of the fermenting wine. This is like human being: there are stages when the personnality is revealed. This bottle will have to be kept. Bottled without filtration Wild raspberry, white pepper, graphite, laurel.


Varietal: Rhone Blend - Red

Region: Gigondas