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Chateau de Saint Cosme 'Le Poste' Gigondas

Rhone Blend - Red

750 ML


Product Description

Very old grenache vines. Full clusters. Sloape of limestony marl from Tortonien at the Chapelle de Saint Cosme, at the Lieu-dit "Le Poste". Aged for twelve months:30% in new oak-40% in one year old barrels-30% in two years old barrels. Le Poste is the wine from Saint Cosme that I prefer. We are so lucky to have this little piece of " Tortonien ", next to the Saint Cosme chapel, in a site which combines a stunning beauty and a high potential for viticulture. Le Poste is at the same time a wine of fruit and a wine to keep, a wine of complexity and an easy to understand one, a wine of structure and a wine of freshness. Overall, it contains the magical of the great terroirs. Le Poste is one of our early ripening terroirs. It was then picked quite early in 2011 because the vintage required early picking. It shows really well, has a crunchy fruit and a texture with iode. Easy to recognize. Le Poste 2011 doesn't look like the other vintages of Le Poste, but it looks like them a lot. Illogical ? No. This is just what can be found in a family. Just have a look at your children and you'll understand. Violet, raspberry, ash, iode. Bottled without filtration.


Varietal: Rhone Blend - Red

Region: Gigondas