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Chateau de Saint Cosme 'Le Claux' Gigondas

Rhone Blend - Red

750 ML


Product Description

Very old grenache vines. Full clusters. Yellow clay and limestony marl from Miocène at the Lieu-dit "Le Claux" Aged for twelve months: 30% in new oak -40% in one year old barrels - 30% in two years old barrels. Last night (21 jan 2013), a tasting of the Claux 2006 gave me so much pleasure. It gave me some confidence. It was a great classic Gigondas, typical, with the fine " bouquet " so characteristic ; very complex and charming. It was a " resolved " terroir wine ; what I mean by resolved is " obvious ". I take advantage of this tasting to talk about the comments that can be read about the way to age wines. I invite those who criticize the use of young wood for Gigondas ageing, to come to the estate and taste with me a few wines like this 2006. They will maybe realize that wine is a question of time and judgement comes after the work of time. It would have been easy for me to vinify a fruity Claux in 2006 : it would have been very pleasant immediately. But there is no way it would have become like the wine I tasted yesterday, sot true and so close to the great years of my father. After the wood wave, we have now the dictature of fruit. What will we have next ? The oxydised " vin nature " wave ? Almost there already. No thank you. Sorry, but I keep going with the long work that my father began, trying to find what is appropriate for my wines. I keep working for those who love great blooming adult wines. What guides me is the tasting of my old wines. When it is young, Le Claux is the most " angular " Gigondas with its proeminent tannins ; but its potential is high and we have to be patient. In 2011, Le Claux is probably the big success of the estate. Picked in the last days of the harvest, it already develops richness and freshness. The typical aromas of campher can be found. Please try to wait for these bottles. Raspberries, campher, peat. Bottled without filtration.


Varietal: Rhone Blend - Red

Region: Gigondas