750 ML


Product Description

Celebration is Gamle Odes aquavits aquavitthe most traditional in style of our three offerings. We were already developing this Danish Jubilaeumstyle aquavit when some friends at the Danish American Center pulled Gamle Ode founder Mike McCarron aside to say they wanted a true snaps (Danes call aquavit snaps, or schnapps). To them, true snaps had stronger caraway and anise flavors. Celebration does exactly this and more. Gamle Ode Celebration Aquavit is distilled with dill, caraway, juniper, coriander, vanilla bean, star aniseed, plus lemon and orange citrus peels. Its aged to light golden hue for a short time in two types of barrels: half in the Alexis Bailly Vineyard wine barrels we used to age the Holiday Aquavit and half in barrels that previously held 45th Parallels Border Bourbon. Its very well balanced, complex, and lingers for a long time, says Portland bartender and blogger Jacob Grier, who uses it in place of gin in a classic Martinez cocktail. All Gamle Ode aquavits are infused and distilled at 45th Parallel in New Richmond, Wisconsin.


Varietal: Aquavit

Region: Wisconsin