Fuller's Vintage Ale


500 ML

1 bottle


Product Description

Considered globally to be one of the finest beers ever brewed, it gives us great pleasure to announce the arrival of Vintage Ale 2014. Like each of our vintages, this beer has been in the making for over five months and is not expected to last long. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Vintage Ale 2014 is rated one of the better beers to have ever come from UK soil as declared by Since 1997, Vintage Ale has been the crème de la crème for Fullers. It has won a many awards around the world and given us recognition for being a World-Class Brewer. This year, we have released only 1,600 cases to North America - each bottle is numbered. Though Vintage Ale 2014 is good for drinking today, it is also ready to lie down in your cellar reaching peak condition in three or four years. We recommend Vintage Ale 2014 be consumed at cellar temperature or 52ºF or 10ºC. Pour it slowly into a Cognac balloon and allow the beer to breathe. Then sip it on its own or with a fine cheese and feel the warmth of the season come upon you. Vintage Ale 2014: Relax, enjoy and savor one of lifes greatest pleasures. *Note image is incorrect, current vintage is 2014.


Varietal: Specialty

Region: United Kingdom