Lager - Import

25.3 oz

1 bottle


Product Description

Foster's Lager is Australia's original, full strength lager. Its signature full malt character on the mid-palate blends well with a delicate creaminess and crisp, clean hop finish, creating a perfect balance to the beer. Launched by the Foster Brothers in 1887, this lighter European style lager became the beer of choice for Australian beer drinkers creating a milestone in brewing history - largely thanks to the brothers' innovative refrigeration process. Today, Foster's Lager is one of the fastest growing, truly global beer brands, available in more than 150 countries.


Varietal: Lager - Import

Region: Australia/New Zealand

Region Description:

Besides producing Mel Gibson, this region can also produce some pretty intense wine. Australia has become the fourth largest wine export in the world. Australian labels are strictly labeled depending where the grapes where grown to make the wine. In New Zealand the sea moderates the weather producing cooler summers and milder winters. The effect of consistently cool nights is to produce fruit which is nearly always high in acidity.