Amber Lager


Amber Lager

12 oz

6 bottles


Product Description

Finnegans was created out of the belief that there are loads of fun and creative ways to make a difference in a community. So we at Finnegans decided if we sold a great tasting beer (Finnegans Irish Amber) and gave all of our profits to fund community programs assisting those in poverty we would be doing our bit and just maybe, inspire others to get involved as well. We here at Finnegans believe that it takes a community to create and maintain healthy communities and healthy communities dont leave folks behind. Since first becoming profitable in 2003, Finnegans and its sister non-profit company, The Finnegans Community Fund (formerly the Spud Society) has raised and donated over $50,000 back to community programs in Minnesota. We have a lot more beer to sell and many more important programs to fund but were on our way and encourage you to join us in doing your bit for your community.


Varietal: Amber Lager

Region: Minnesota