750 ML


Product Description

While walking the red chalky soils of the agave fields of Santiago Matatlan, Arik Torren, founder of Fidencio Mezcal discovered an unusual geological formation, a vein of white chalk running through the field. How would this difference in soil impact the flavour of the mezcal he thought and Tierra Blanca was formed. 100% espadín and differentiated from the Fidencio Classico (Espadin) by this unusual geological formation and ABV. AGE NAS PROOF 101.8 MEZCAL JOVEN/BLANCO/SILVER A SPIRIT DISTILLED FROM ONE OR MORE DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF AGAVE. CAN ONLY BE PRODUCED IN DESIGNATED AREAS WITHIN 8 DIFFERENT MEXICAN STATES. MUST BE BOTTLED IN MÉXICO. THIS IS UNAGED OR AGED IN STAINLESS STEEL OR PLASTIC CONTAINERS BEFORE BOTTLING. CASK TYPE UNAGED TASTING NOTES "There is a decent amount of smoke and lime zest in the beginning quickly supported by white pepper, chalk, crushed flowers, muddled mint and cilantro culminating with the mouth-watering scent of grilled meat, vegetal aromas and ash. Upfront on the palate is a subtle brine flavor before turning to lemon curd and chalk. The texture is soft but creamy and filled out with notes of prickly pear, papaya, galangal, lemongrass and lemon zest on the finish. Bright and clean much like a Karwinskii and a fun departure in the mezcal world."


Varietal: Mezcal

Region: Santiago