Wheat Ale



12 oz

6 bottles


Product Description

Sodbuster Porter is a beautifully balanced, robust beer that pours black with a thick tan head. Dominated by coffee, chocolate, roast, and faint hints of smoke; this porter is rich and full on the palate, providing you with the fortitude to make it through North Dakota winters. Sodbuster wraps you in comfort like a warm blanket on a winter night. I just want to crawl inside and take a nap. ~ Bill Lempe, Irish THE HOPS The Goldings hops are a perfect fit for a dark, smooth ale like the Sodbuster. Goldings hops provide a balanced bitterness that finishes clean and a floral, spicy aroma that lends itself perfectly to this beer. GOLDING THE MALTS The NW Pale Ale malt and the toasty Munich malt provide a sturdy backbone. That framework supports the layering of rich caramel malt and multiple dark roasted malts that make this incredibly complex and satisfying. 2-ROW CHOCOLATEBONLANDER MUNICHMEDIUM CRYSTALMIDNIGHT WHEATNW PALE ALEPALE CHOCOLATE 29 INT'L BITTER UNITS Porters typically range from around 20 International Bitterness Units to nearly 60. Sodbuster comes in at an approachable 29 keeping the feel smooth and velvety like sitting in your grandfather's leather recliner in a velour tracksuit. Yes, dreams do come true. 6.1% ALCOHOL BY VOLUME Sodbuster Porter contains 6.1% alcohol by volume. A beer at this level of ABV is not unique in the craft brewing industry, but it's still nearly 50% more alcohol than what's probably in Joe College's red plastic cup. Please drink responsibly!


Varietal: Porter

Region: Midwest