Wheat Ale


Pale Ale

12 oz

6 bottles


Product Description

Iron Horse Pale Ale is a boldly aromatic Northwest style pale ale. It pours a deep gold color with a thick white head that lingers in the glass. The first impression is the immense hop aroma that wafts out of the glass, thick with tropical fruit, floral, and grapefruit notes. Iron Horse makes for a great, sessionable, hoppy pale ale that makes hop lovers go crazy! Iron Horse provides the perfect balance between flavor, aroma and pure refreshment that will undoubtedly make it one of Fargo Brewing Company's most successful beers. ~ Joe Riley, GrillingAddiction.com THE HOPS Iron Horse derives its intense hop flavor and aroma from the huge additions of Falconers Flight and Falconers Flight 7 C's late in the process. These hops burst with fruity, floral and resin character that are balanced by the smooth, clean bittering from the Horizon hops. FALCONERS FLIGHTFALCONERS FLIGHT 7C'SHORIZON THE MALTS The Northwest Pale Ale malt and Vienna malts provide a clean, slightly toasty malt backbone to carry the massive hop load. To round out the palate, oats are added to provide a smooth body. This train was built to carry the leafy goodness of the hops! NW PALE ALEOATSVIENNA 32 INT'L BITTER UNITS Yep. You read that right. Despite the hoppy assailment of your olfactory perception, Iron Horse Pale Ale only packs in 32 International Bitterness Units. This train delivers all the hop aroma without the bitterness you'd expect. 5.0% ALCOHOL BY VOLUME To top it off, Iron Horse Pale Ale actually packs in low alcohol by volume for its aromatic characteristics. Low enough to make this beer sessionable or even classify it as a session IPA. We'll just call it a damn good pale ale.


Varietal: Pale Ale

Region: Midwest