750 ML


Product Description

"…like a high-speed pursuit through a fjord, passing waterfalls crashing into the sea, billowing with pine and birch forest scented mist, blended with sea-spray blasting up from the bow." TASTING NOTES A bold, juniper backbone is balanced by bright citrus, clean herbal and vegetal notes, with a lingering, peppery expression of earth and sea. It is bottled at 114 proof. FIELD-TO-GLASS This premium, artisanal spirit is born of AC Hazlet Winter Rye (non-GMO) planted and harvested by the distiller on the family farm. Every step of production milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling is done by hand at Far North Spirits. INDIVIDUAL BOTANICAL DISTILLATION Gustaf's 11 botanicals are individually distilled to capture each one's best attributes. Botanicals include juniper, Meyer lemon, grains of paradise, fennel, coriander, meadowsweet and others. Individual distillations are blended together to create the final spirit. Although most gin is produced by distilling all botanicals at once in a single run, Far North is committed to this more labor intensive process as it results in a truly superior gin with greater depth and character. \GOO•STUF\ Our navy strength gin is named for the distiller's Great Grandpa Gustaf, a steely-eyed Swede who, with his wife Anna Christine, started the family farm in 1917. At 114 proof, navy strength gin occupies a storied place in the annals of British Naval history. The daily ration of gin or rum was only allowed on board if the proof was high enough to ensure that if the liquor drenched the gun powder at sea it would still ignite.


Varietal: Gin

Region: Minnesota