750 ML


Product Description

El Jamon is named after Spanish Jamón Serrano (literally mountain ham), a type of dry-cured ham traditionally served thinly sliced with olives, cheese and a glass of wine. The grapes sourced for El Jamon come from the region of Cariñena Denominaciόn de Origen (DO) located in northern Spain, at the base of Sierra de La Virgen. The Cariñena DO is one of Spain's oldest areas to be demarcated, in 1932. The continental climate, high altitudes of the DO and reddish-brown limestone topsoil over slate and alluvial soils is an excellent combination for growing Tempranillo. The cool nights and hot days of the DO aid this thick skinned black grape to ripen properly while maintaining its natural acidity.


Varietal: Tempranillo

Region: Cariñena