100% Agave Blanco

750 ML


Product Description

Don Eduardo Silver is distilled from 100% blue agave; this superb tequila is uniquely "triple distilled" for incredible smoothness. It was the Orendain family who mastered this triple distillation technique at their La Mexicana Distillery in the village of Tequila. This innovative practice has since been adapted by competitors but you will find that the Don Eduardo Silver has a flavor profile all its own. Color: Clear Aroma: Minerals, slate, bread dough Taste: Viscous, oily palate feel, neutral but smooth Finish: Touch of heat 40% Alcohol by volume Available in 750ml and 50ml The nose is fresh, vegetal, and pine-like; aeration allows the pine/cedar scent to dominate the latter nosing phase. The palate entry is sweet and sap-like, almost honeyed; at midpalate the flavor profile turns bittersweet and bean-like. Ends well with taste flashes of cocoa bean and linseed oil. A solidly made silver that's fresh and intensely agave-like. -F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, December 2004 and Wine Enthusiast Magazine, April 2005, Rated Very Good, (85-89) Recommended


Varietal: 100% Agave Blanco

Region: Mexico