Wheat Ale


India Pale Ale

12 oz

12 bottles


Product Description

Our year-round beer answer to the siren call of the hop. Inversions trio of American hops deliver an over-the-top nose with hints of orange and grapefruit. Then we toss in seven days of dry-hopping for good measure. Because we can. No mere hop sledgehammer, Inversion is a careful fusion. Crystal and Carastan malts woven throughout provide for a surprisingly soft, caramel complexity for an 80-IBU IPA. Named for a local weather phenomenon where clouds hug the base of the mountain only to reveal clear skies further up, it can turn a beer drinkers IPA preconceptions upside down as well.


Varietal: India Pale Ale

Region: Oregon

Region Description:

This state’s strict wine laws demand that variety wines must contain at least 90% of the named grape (except for Cabernet Sauvignon). The region’s cool climate comes from its proximity to the Pacific and its primary grapes are Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. The latter wine is usually medium bodied, with aromas reminiscent of pears and apples and a surprising depth and complexity. Oregon Pinot Gris is a great food wine, and works especially well with seafood and salmon. Pinot Noir is a more expensive wine here, but that is because it can be such a difficult grape to grow that yields are inevitably low. The best Oregon Pinot Noirs are balanced, fruity and full.