1 L


Product Description

Our vodka is handmade in Austin, Texas in a small distillery by a team serious about creating a great spirit. Using our experience and years of tinkering, we set out to raise the bar. Great vodka is born from attention to the smallest details. Water, Filtration and Distillation are where we shine most. Deep Eddy is column-distilled in a temperature-perfect environment, which means state-of-the-art. We use the finest water in Texas, and because we use local, natural ingredients and charcoal filter our vodka 4 times, nothing but smooth, clean vodka reaches the bottle. Plus, we leave no waste behind in the process, which gets a nice tip of the hat from mother nature. So raise a glass of Deep Eddy, and you'll see what we're excited about.


Varietal: Vodka

Region: Texas