Deanston 17-Yr Single Malt Scotch

Single Malt Scotch

750 ML


Product Description

The nose is pleasant and detects malted notes, mixid with some acid and sugared hints, like an orange with honey on a muesli plate. In the palate, the same sweetness, with some woody hints. A relative complexity, but all the aromas from the nosing remain in the mouth and dominate successively: acidity, sweetness and malted hints. A rather long finish, remaining in the same patterns. Nose Fabulously bitter sweet nose, breakfast time stuff with marmalade and honey. Thrilling complexity. Palate Again, a peculiarly thin mouth feel. Begins oaky dry and then a surge of malt helps sweeten things a little. And a delightful spice buzz forms a permanent, lively strata. Finish A milky oakiness with dry coconut nuttiness. Comment An improvement from the 17-year-old of old, which doesn't even begin to show its big age.


Varietal: Single Malt Scotch

Region: Scotland