Blended Scotch

750 ML


Product Description

Venerable Cutty Sark has been making big moves of late (more on these in a few weeks), but the biggest is easily the launch of Tam O Shanter, the Scottish companys ultra-premium blend of 25 year old malt and grain whiskys. Decidedly limited, its far from your grandpas old green bottle of Cuttys classic blended Scotch. Rich and dense, you know youre in from a treat with Tam O Shanter, starting with the mahogany color and the powerful nose, which offers orange peel, incense, almonds, nougat, and leathery old wood notes. The nose is racy and hot… but the palate isnt a mouth-burner at all. Instead, youll find both power and nuance in abundance, with light grain notes leading their way into bittersweet chocolate, cigar box, light smoky notes and plenty of orange/sherry character to round it all out. The body is rich and inviting, warming and round without being unctuous. The finish is also strong and lengthy, sticking around for minutes as you recall some of the components that have come before. A lovely dram which, it probably goes without saying, is the best thing Cutty Sark has ever put into a bottle. 999 bottles available in the U.S. (5000 total globally.) 93 proof.


Varietal: Blended Scotch

Region: Canada