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Vina Real 'Plata' Crianza

Dry Red Table Wine

750 ML


Product Description

Type of wine: Red Style: Crianza Production Zone: Rioja Vintage: 2011 Clasified: Excellent Grape variety used: Tempranillo: 90 % Mazuelo: 3 % Graciano: 3 % Garnacha Tinta: 3 % Donwload Tasting notes: 201120102009 High resolution images and information about direct download: Donwload zone Buy online USA Buy online Europe Elaboration Wine made from grapes from the Rioja Alavesa area harvested and processed manually in Viña Real. Thedestemmed grapes were placed in stainless steel tanks where alcoholic fermentation takes place for 10-12days with temperature control between 26-28 º C. The wine after malolactic fermentation happens to Frenchoak barrels where it remains and American 13 - 14 months. The wine is racked barrel while in every 5-6months to encourage proper ripening and organoleptic evolution. Tasting notes This wine shows shades of medium to deep shiny cherry colour on a purple background. To the nose, intensearomas of ripe fruits (blackberries, blackcurrants) stand out, complemented with subtle hints of oak. To thepalate, it shows structured and round with a good integration of fruitiness and oakiness. The aftertaste ismarked by very well balanced tannins as well as by persistent spicy, toasty and balsamic aromas. A long stayin bottle is the finishing touch to this Rioja Alavesa wine's character.


Varietal: Dry Red Table Wine

Region: Rioja

Region Description:

(ree OH hah)—This region in north-central Spain makes the country’s most popular red wine from Tempranillo, Garnacha (Grenache), Graciano and Mazuelo grapes. Rosado (rose) and white wines are also produced here. Traditionally red Rioja was aged for many years in small barrels made from American oak; this produced wines that were pale, gentle, and lacking in fruitiness. Current trends have been away from only oak aging and the wines are now much fresher tasting. In addition, the introduction of French oak barrels has contributed to its distinctive vanilla quality. The Rioja region is divided into three zones, the most well known being Rioja Alta. Alta-based wines tend to be firmer and leaner in style. Rioja Alavesa produces delicate, perfumed reds. Both Alavesa- and Alta-based wines are blended with wines from the third region, Rioja Baja, a somewhat warmer area that produces heavier grapes. The label of a Rioja will reveal much about the characteristics of its contents. Sin crianza Riojas receive no oak aging and are released young; they are Beaujolais-like, fruity and fresh. Some wines are aged for two years in oak or bottles; these are labeled crianza and, while still fresh and fruity, begin take on the famous oakiness. Wines aged for three years, at least one year in a barrel, are labeled reserva. These are often the most enjoyable of all Riojas. The most expensive wines are aged for five years or more, earning the status of gran reserva. The youngest Riojas pair well with seafood, spicy sausages, and Spanish-style bean dishes. The mature reds should be eaten with game, stews, and cheese.