Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel Canadian Whisky

Canadian Whisky

750 ML


Product Description

The whiskies that go into Crown Royal blended whisky are made with pure water naturally filtered through limestone and natural corn, rye and barley hardy enough to weather extreme temperature swings.  The mash is distilled in Crown Royal's unique Coffey Rye Whisky Still, the only known one of its kind in North America, named after the man who invented it.  The whisky is then patiently aged in barrels that contract and expand with the changes in temperature, slowly developing character.

For the first time, Crown Royal has offered us the opportunity to savor the raw magic of its unique Coffey Rye Whisky, straight from the barrel.  The whisky is proudly named following a long standing Canadian tradition of referring to local whiskies as simply "rye." Of the 50 finest whiskies that go into the award-winning Crown Royal Deluxe blend, the Coffey Rye is unmistakably the heart of it.  Flavorful creamy notes comgined with rich oak undertones, from maturing in new American oak barrels, give the whisky its exceptional smoothness.

Haskell's Hand Selected Barrel details:

51.5% ABV

103 Proof


Varietal: Canadian Whisky

Region: Canada