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Vineyards located at more than 500 meters altitude and vines, with both indigenous and international varieties, that are over 40 years old, are used to produce this top quality brand of wines that pays homage to one of the greatest kingdoms in our history: the Corona de Aragón. Between the 12th and 18th centuries, it spanned territories from the east of Spain and the south of Greece, celebrating a deep-rooted wine-producing prestige and culture, which had one of its epicenters in Cariñena.

Corona de Aragón is a part of Grandes Vinos, a cooperative of sorts in Cariñena that has a fascinating story - much too long to write about it all here!

"To bring the exciting wine legacy of Cariñena to all four corners of the world; this is the common goal that led to Grandes Vinos being set up in 1997 from the union of 700 winegrowers."

Grandes Vinos is committed to preserving the legacy of Cariñena by utilizing green, environmentally friendly wine making and packaging methods as well as giving back to society.

"Aware of the importance of giving back to society a large part of what it gives us, we are proud to collaborate with social and cultural solidarity projects."

Vine age

40 years old

A deep ruby red color with a youthful purple rim. Fresh vibrant aromas of wild flowers, raspberries and herbs like fennel. It’s light and fruity with flavors of crushed berries and cracked pepper.


Varietal: Grenahce

Region: CariƱena D.O.P. Spain