Cognac and Brandy

Copper & Kings Craft Distilled Brandy


750 ML


Product Description

Brandy must be aged for 2 years in oak or longer. The aging of brandy is a delicate and sensitive process a process sadly with no short-cuts. We have been fortunate enough to partner with some outstanding distillers, who have been kind and generous enough to share some of their precious pure potstill aged stock with us. We have taken this stock, blended it and continued to age it in bourbon barrels and some new American oak to create our own distinctive, unique American brandy. American Brandy with Copper & Kings DNA and personality. Something we are proud to call our own. Non-chill filtered. No added flavors, synthetic chemicals or colorants. A blend of superb exclusively copper pot-distilled brandy with real character and depth of flavor mingled in a Unique, modern American style. Small batch Distillation of superior, highly aromatic wine selected for exceptional quality. Non-chill filtered for an authentic uncorrupted natural flavor. Some cloudiness May be apparent at colder temperatures. Matured in medium-char american white oak barrels and bourbon whiskey barrels for balance, complexity and a polished, velvety finish.


Varietal: Brandy

Region: Kentucky