Concha y Toro 'Casillero del Diablo' Chardonnay


750 ML


Product Description

Originally from Bordeaux, France, this variety is used to produce wines that, when aged in oak, reach great levels of flavor and aromatic complexity. Fruit notes -particularly tropical- combine with vanilla traces and a toasted feeling derived from the wood.


Varietal: Chardonnay

Region: Casablanca Valley

Region Description:

Casablanca Valley is one of the newest regions in Chile. Northwest of Santiago and less than 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Casablanca Valley is a prime area for cool climate grapes. The area was discovered when Pablo Morandé, who was then working for Chilean giant Concha y Toro, started looking for a growing environment similar to Carneros. Planting in the valley expanded rapidly in the 1990s, yet there are few wineries based there. Most of the roughly 10,000 acres of vineyards are farmed by wineries based elsewhere in Chile or by private growers. Chardonnay is the most widely planted grape. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot noir and merlot are also in the region.