Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky

750 ML


Product Description

The Color: This is the lightest whisky we can recall seeing - it's a light amber that reminds us of gold and honey. The Nose: It was a case of love at first whiff for us - the softness of vanilla, the sweetness of fruit, a waft of oak. The smell was light and rich at the same time, complex but not overpowering. We were salivating before we even got it in the glass. The Taste: It's moments like this that make us happy to be liquor reviewers. Delicate and dry, Asyla was sweet without overdoing it. We detected vanilla and honey and fruit on our tongue when we sipped, and the finish was spicy and quick. We also realized we didn't grimace when we swallowed, which is kind of our habit when we drink scotch. We took another sip and realized this was scotch we could drink in gulps if necessary, a purely drinkable and agreeably tasty spirit. Most people think scotch is something to put up on a pedestal, to overthink, to appreciate and covet - this particular scotch is one to drink and enjoy. Nothing wrong with that. The Verdict:This is a great scotch for people who don't think they like scotch. It's not whisky with training wheels, because it can definitely be enjoyed by scotch lovers as well. It's competely accessible and enviably tasty, from sweet start to classy finish, we plan to keep a bottle of Asyla on the premises at all times. If you're going to introduce someone to scotch via Asyla, keep in mind this interesting note we found on their site, which we never thought of. Of course, that's why they're the experts...


Varietal: Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky

Region: Scotland