Anna de Codorniu Brut


750 ML


Product Description

This brut, which is both soft and fresh on the palate, displays the liveliness and femineity that its name suggests. It is the first time Chardonnay has been blended with cavas classic grape trio and the result highlights the fresh floral and fruit aromas of the ageing process. :. Food Matching and Serving Suggestions This Cava is soft and fresh to the palate. Light and aromatic. We think you shouldn't miss it with the great crustaceans (lobster, giant crabs, etc). Also with white and tight-flesh fishes (sole, dorade, sea bass). Serve chilled. Drink in a flute glass.


Varietal: Brut

Region: Cava

Region Description:

Cava began when Don Jose Raventos, traveling across Europe from Spain selling red and white wine stumbled upon a sparkling wine in the region of champagne. So fascinated by this drink, he returned to Spain and ready to attempt his own sparkler. Later importing Champagne equipment he produced the first Methode Champenoise sparkler in 1872. Using secondary fermentation like the French, Raventos had created Cava. After discussion with other winemakers in the region, it was agreed that Penedes was to become the Champagne of Spain, and the rest is history. In the present, Cava can be found brut nature to Sweet, or in rare cases a Cava rose. Note than any sparkling wine made by tank or bulk method is not a Cava.