750 ML


Product Description

Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey fuses hot cinnamon flavor with the smoothness of American Whiskey to create an intense product with just the right amount of kick. This 91.1 proof Cinnamon Whiskey has an unmistakably bold and delicious hot cinnamon taste thats sure to set it apart from the crowd. Cinerator adds a dramatic look and added kick to this highly sought after segment of liqueurs. Consumers will be drawn to the stand out look of a red hot label set ablaze by flames and packaging which is a clear and modern representation of the product attributes. Available both on-premise and at retail and with an approachable price point, the result is a new product with just the right amount of attitude at a time when flavors, specifically flavored whiskeys, are on fire.


Varietal: Whiskey

Region: Kentucky