750 ML


Product Description

The U.S. debut of Chopin Rye marks a new milestone for the Chopin brand, which pioneered the luxury vodka category. Long available in Poland, Chopin Rye will be available at select U.S. retailers in late March 2011, and has earned the nickname Chopin Red for its distinctive red label. Tasting Profile: Chopin Rye is extraordinarily silky with a medium body, a rich, balanced finish and a lively hint of spice. Clear with subtle aromas of rye dough follow-through, it is an elegant, artisanal vodka for sipping and superior cocktails. How to Enjoy it: Savor Chopin Rye in a CEO a Chopin martini with extra olives (pimento-stuffed for a touch of red). Or, try it with cranberry juice, a splash of soda and lime. Production: Only the finest golden rye, grown naturally in the Podlasie countryside, is used to produce Chopin Rye. There are no secrets and no additives just rye, yeast and purified well water, which are transformed into premium vodka through a method that has changed little over the centuries, including the use of a traditional copper column still. Harvested locally and stored in silos at the historic Chopin distillery, the rye is first pressure-cooked to create a mash. The mash is left to ferment for three days, then distilled four times to create a spirit that is almost 100% alcohol. At Chopins bottling plant in nearby Siedlce, this spirit is blended with artesian well water and filtered five times to create the worlds finest rye vodka. Packaged in the iconic frosted bottle that bears the image of the brands inspiration, Polish composer Frederic Chopin, it is topped with a distinctive red label that distinguishes it as Chopin Rye.


Varietal: Vodka

Region: Poland