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Jean-Louis Chave 'Mon Coeur' Cote-du-Rhone

Rhone Blend - Red

750 ML


Product Description

Some experts feel that the greatest maker of Hermitage is the firm of Jean-Louis Chave. The Chave family has been growing grapes at Hermitage since 1481. They have a reputation for making good wine in poor years, and excellent wine in good ones. They use low yeilding vines (average age 60 years) and a late harvest to produce the ripest fruit, and there is virtually no intervention in the winemaking and bottling with no filtration.


Varietal: Rhone Blend - Red

Region: Cote du Rhone

Region Description:

Rhone Valley takes its name from the Rhone River which flows from the Swiss Alps, through the valley dividing the Northern and Southern Rhone, and then ending at the Mediterranean Sea just west of Marseille. Inside the Rhone River Valley to the south are the Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone Villages. 77 % of all Rhone wines are Cotes du Rhone or Cotes du Rhone Villages and wines bearing this label only come ONLY from the Southern Rhone. "Cotes du Rhone" is an appellation with which a bottle will be labeled where as "Cotes du Rhone Villages" is a title given to a village within that appellation. Of the ninety six villages entitled "Cotes du Rhone Villages" there are sixteen considered superior, and because of this they are allowed to append their name. (Example.) Cotes du Rhone Villages Superior Cairanne) The climate is hot and dry, and the soil is less dirt than it is clay, gravel, or stone. Unlike the North, this region relies on blends and is very seldom making single variety wines. Cotes du Rhone makes red, white and rose wine from the grapes of Grenache, Mourverde, Syrah, Cinsaut, Carignan, Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Bourboulenc, Rousanne and Viogner, with the top wines being red.