Pre-Mixed Cocktails


Pre-Mixed Cocktails

12 oz


Product Description

A Taste for Adventure Introducing a margarita that was born for adventure... Cayman Jack!™ Weve traveled the world searching out lifes greatest adventures and along the way weve learned a thing or two about living the spirited life! And Cayman Jack™ was created with that spirit of adventure in mind. Cayman Jack™ is a hand-crafted, ultra premium margarita that contains 100% blue agave and natural flavors. We think it just might be the most refreshing Margarita in the world. Mission: 100% Blue Agave Nectar Blue agave is the most cherished ingredient in the Margarita world. It takes great patience and the right conditions to grow this succulent plant, and each year the world's blue agave crops become more and more sought after. At Cayman Jack™, we use only 100% blue agave nectar. Pure Cane Sugar from the World's Best Fields Sweetening a world-class Margarita with anything other than pure cane sugar would be criminal. We use pure cane from some of the world's best growing regions to create a sweetness that's naturally better. High fructose corn syrup is something you'll never find in Cayman Jack™. And we like it that way. The Search for Organic Limes Our own adventure began by tracking down organic limes - the flavor at the heart of any great Margarita. Let other Margaritas use lime flavorings and chemicals; Cayman Jack™ has higher standards. We at Cayman Jack™ aren't in the business of compromising. Hand Crafted! A Cayman with Bite In case you didn't notice the friendly caiman on our label, you should know that this is a Margarita with teeth. Cayman Jack™ has created a Margarita with an alcohol level thats the perfect balance of strength and refreshment. In fact, at 5.9% ABV, its higher than most beers. And after one sip, we think youll agree that Cayman Jack™ is arguably the most refreshing Margarita in the world.


Varietal: Pre-Mixed Cocktails

Region: Illinois