Canadian Premium Whisky

750 ML


Product Description

Haskell's is excited to present another exclusive Single Barrel Whisky selection! This time we looked to our neighbors to the north and secured a barrel of Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Whisky.

Caribou Crossing is different than most Canadian Whisky as it is a Single Barrel Whisky as opposed to a blended or small batch whisky. Caribou Crossing is a Sazerac Company owned brand just like Blanton's Bourbon from Buffalo Trace Distillery.

We all know how difficult it is to find the Bourbon with the horse stopper on top, but we actually have a harder time getting its distant cousin, the Canadian Whisky with the caribou stopper on top. We haven't had any Caribou Crossing in almost a year so when the opportunity to purchase our own single barrel presented itself, we jumped at the chance.

Caribou Crossing is a smooth sipping, easy drinking whisky. Bottled at a moderate 80 proof, this whisky is wonderful to drink neat - no ice or drops of water are needed to enjoy this one.

Light vanilla creaminess with a touch of caramel covers the tongue leading to a burst of citrus flavors, orange and a hint of lemon, followed by a smooth spicy finish as expected from the rye in this whisky.  This is a perfect year round whisky, and one that will have your non-whiskey/whisky/bourbon drinking friends asking for another pour. Plus it's such an awesome looking bottle!


Varietal: Canadian Premium Whisky

Region: Canada