1 L


Product Description

Captain Morgan Tattoo has to be one of the most unique tasting rums on the market today. It doesnt have that barrel aged great taste that most dark rum is known for, but instead it makes its mark with a very different liqueur-ish flavor. Either way, this should make for a fun night. Captain Morgan Tattoo is a bold variation crafted from fine, aged Puerto Rican rum. Its blended with a secret combination of premium and hot spices that makes for a sweet, warm finish. The best way to describe the flavor is a perfect mix of Royale Chambord and Jägermeister. Meanwhile, Tattoo carries the same proof as Jägermeister, and the taste is just great. The flavor may prove too much for you if you drink too many of them straight. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt try. With its fruity, raspberry-like, and spiced flavor, this rum is excellent for shots and is a lot friendlier than Jägermeister. So why not give it a try?


Varietal: Rum

Region: Puerto Rico