Cognac and Brandy



750 ML


Product Description

Winemaker's notes: Camus Borderies XO is the only premium, single cru Borderies cognac: composed entirely of aged cognacs from Jean-Paul Camus' own vineyards in the Borderies district, itself known for producing the rarest and most aromatic cognacs. Amber colour, shading to an attractive dark honey. Very floral, with a concentration of floral with a concentration of violets. Undertones of hazelnut and notes of vanilla. Fruitiness balanced by a delicate tannin presence. Mild oak tones with hints of spiciness. Lingering fresh aftertaste.


Varietal: Cognac

Region: Cognac

Region Description:

"Cognac/Brandy" is as a general term grape-based distilled from wine, but made with a heap of other fruits as well. Brandy is like burnt wine, where it also derives a name. Cognac is brandy from the Cognac region in France and is distilled twice.