Cordials and Liqueurs


Cordials/ Orange Liqueurs

750 ML


Product Description

Caballero Liqueur is the result of a delicate blending of Andalusian oranges, spices and the finest brandy selection. Notes 50 Proof Reviews & Awards Caballero Liqueur HIGHLY RECOMMENDED "Copper color. Aromas of burnt orange marmalade, cola, ginger candy and floral honey with a soft, sweet light-to-medium body and a delicate spiced orange gelatin, pepper, and mineral finish." The Beverage Testing Institute, October 2013


Varietal: Cordials/ Orange Liqueurs

Region: Spain

Region Description:

This mountainous country possesses more vineyard land than any other country on earth, and ranks third in wine production after France and Italy. Spain is best known for its red Riojas and its Sherries, however other wines and regions are quickly gaining notoriety. Like France, Spain divides wine into categories; table wine at the bottom level and quality wine at the top, with a large emphasis on geographical origin. VdM (Vino de Mesa) is a basic table wine. VC (Vino Comarcal) wines are a level up. VdlT (Vino de la Tierra) refers to one of the country’s 25 distinct regions, and each wine possesses a local character. At the top level, only about fifty wines are considered DO (Denominacion de Origen). These wines come from the best-known regions and are the equivalent of France’s Appellation Contrôlée. DOC (Denominacion de Origen Calificada) is reserved for wines that adhere to the most stringent regulations. So far, Rioja is the only wine to gain the Calificada classification.