Jean-Claude Boisset 'Les Moutots' Bourgogne Aligote


750 ML


Product Description

Aligoté, often ugly duckling of the famous appellation Bourgogne Aligoté except Bouzeron lives in the hands of Grégory Patriat a renaissance. "Here is the small student alike! ". No difference in treatment in this house where the so-called low wines alongside the biggest and enjoy them as a long and careful breeding. Chosen as in a beautiful grassy vine, he was born in Chorey-les-Beaune, in a plot of fifty years, small natural yields, wages concentration: 40hl/ha instead of 73 hl / ha allowed. Arrived at the winery, September 10, 2011 at a maturity of 12.2 this ideal aligoté saw a slow and gentle pressing of three hours and then descended by gravity directly even without settling for him to keep all his lies feeder. Fermentation takes place in a few days under the influence of natural grape yeast, it will last several months. He will live a farm of 18 months and every year, regardless of the year, there will two winters in the cellar, like a Meursault or Puligny-Montrachet! It refines patiently in half barrels of 450 liters, a quarter was nine. No batonnage to meet its freshness. And contrary to popular belief, Aligoté support this very soft wood. Bottled mid-March, it delivers its first assets. Pale gold, Discrete lemony or floral, attack wide enough, it is both dense and very long finish with a final live a little, only sign of its variety. For the blind, and this is where the wonder, might be taken for a white Côte de Beaune, ie a chardonnay! It is sufficient in itself and is eaten with relish this serious and complex wine, a nice volume and great length on a saline finish. It works wonders on iodized notes of hot and cold shellfish platter of seafood, lobster, mussels. A rarity this aligoté signed Jean-Claude Boisset with only 3,600 bottles produced.


Varietal: Aligote

Region: Bourgogne Blanc