Wheat Ale



16 oz

1 bottle


Product Description

Brøckhouse Draupnir is a clear and light golden top fermented beer with a dense white head. It is brewed with pale, ale, Münchner and wheat malt which give a fresh and light beer with a smooth malt sweetness. The beer is moderately hopped with the English Challenger and spiced with honey, pine needles and sloe. The honey contributes to the light sweetness and together with the sloe gives the English ale yeast a pleasant fruit like aroma. The pine needles balances the sweetness with a distinct bitterness which makes up for the modest dose of bittering hops. Brøckhouse has not tried to copy the beer the vikings drank, but has brewed a modern viking beer with inspiration from the ingredients used in the viking era. This includes pine needles, honey and sloe.


Varietal: Ale

Region: Denmark