Syrah / Shiraz

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Tight upon uncorking, the Estate Syrah slowly emerges with hints of vanilla and coco powder framed by spicy oak that gives way to deep dark floral accents. Once decanted or permitted time to breathe, the Estate Syrah develops dark cassis and licorice notes with hints of mocha. A beautiful wine, which perfectly balances fruit, spice, and oak. As with the aromas, the flavors of this wine remain hidden until developed through exposure to air. Starting with dark fruit flavors of Cassis and dried black fruit, a mocha and dark chocolate layer emerges and melds with these fruit flavors providing deep, mouth filling flavors. Full of soft, chewy tannins, the fruit characters are enhanced by a moderate licorice and herbal spice which carry through the long mid-palette to a lingering finish.


Varietal: Syrah / Shiraz

Region: Santa Ynez Valley

Region Description:

In Santa Barbara County, this was the set, and location of shooting for the movie "Sideways". Located in the central coast of California, the region runs east to west along the river surrounded by the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Rafael Mountains. The very cool temperatures on the coast become progressively warmer as the valley moves inland.