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Boutari Santorini

Dry White Table Wine

750 ML


Product Description

Boutari Santorini is the white wine that distinguished the Santorini vineyard worldwide. Today it constitutes a must for every oenophile. The island of Santorini, located in Greece's Aegean Sea, is essentially a defunct volcanic caldera. The island's loam soil is characteristically dry -- this, in combination with Santorini's microclimate, provides Boutari Santorini with its mineral and citrusy characteristics. Served at 50°F, it pairs excellently with seafood, poultry and white meat dishes. Brilliant pale yellow. A pleasant and distinctive aroma of citrus fruits. A fatty wine with a very good balance, full taste of figs and plums, and a long aromatic aftertaste.


Varietal: Dry White Table Wine

Region: Santorini