Wheat Ale

Blacklist Spruce Tipped

India Pale Ale

750 ML

1 bottle


Product Description

Floats like a butterfly, smells like a tree. If there is such a thing as a graceful Imperial IPA, this is it. The aromatics will hit you before you even pick up the glass. Balanced with malt, and a hair of anise, this evergreen champ backs up that smell with a variety of hop-centric tastes; starting off with citrus and grapefruit notes and ending with the pine and resin one would expect from a spruce-tipped ale. Warming as it tip-toes around your tongue and giving your lungs a quick jab of menthol upon the next inhale. Spectacularly light on its feet, this 9.5% ABV bruiser will put on a show, but dont expect to last many rounds. ABV 9.5% Available Fall , Winter, Spring Style Imperial India Pale Ale Pairing Game with Berries & Rich Anise Desserts


Varietal: India Pale Ale

Region: Minnesota