Single Malt Scotch

750 ML


Product Description

Colour: Straw yellow. Neat Nose: Citrus fruits (lemons & limes) with hint of honey and pine resin. Peaty malty notes in the background. Palate: Smoky with cereal and malt flavours. Dries up with spicy/peppery notes followed by a delicate floral edge. With Water Nose: Sweet, chocolate and fudge aromas. Floral elements and a hint of phenols (germolene). Palate: Toasted/smoky flavours initially with a subtle fragrance. Some fruity notes develop along with an earthy, vanilla edge. Body: Rounded with a balance of flavours Finish: Slightly sweet with a hint of smoke and malt.


Varietal: Single Malt Scotch

Region: Speyside