Dry Rosé



Sparkling Rose

750 ML


Product Description

We are really dialing in amazing sparkling Rose these days! The aromas of this wine are uniquely complex and delightful. Theres nothing this sophisticated out in the New World of sparkling Rose. The aromas are a lovely pink/red rose petal with a spice driven red berry like wild salal or Oregon native black cap raspberry. Put in a hint of Valencia orange citrus. The flavor is super rich and viscous. Fruit complexity of black cap raspberry, cardamom spice revolve around a core of plum and fresh pomegranate beads. The finish is a long, pleasant experience like enjoying the leavings of the best strawberry shortcake youve ever enjoyed. There is something magnetic about the quality of this wine. Stick one into your fridge!


Varietal: Sparkling Rose

Region: Willamette Valley

Region Description:

Stretches from Portland in the north to Eugene in the south. A majority of the Willamette Valley vineyards lie on the foothills of the Coast Range that forms the western edge of the valley.